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In Edinburgh: Director of the Medical Teaching Organisation at the University of Edinburgh.  Responsible for ensuring good planning, organisation and governance of the undergraduate medical curriculum, and research interests particularly in Assessment.

Previously clinical posts in palliative care, HIV, rheumatology, oncology, anaesthetics, general medicine. 

More widely: as an external examiner, involved in the Scottish Deans Group, and in a Scotland-Malawi medical education project (link to follow). 

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Not professionally

My husband and three sons are my secret to staying Zen. They've helped me find a balance between work and home, constantly teach me patience and love, and continually remind me to prioritise what's important. Regardless of how hectic my life gets, I always squeeze in time for exercise and healthy eating. When I'm on the go, I steer clear of caffeine and carry a Thermos filled with hot water and a big slice of lemon to help me feel refreshed. I avoid junk food, and stay healthy by eating energy bars, nuts and vitamins[Bobbi Brown, make-up artist and creator of cosmetics, Guardian February 2nd 2002]

This is fiction.  My husband and three sons drive me close to insanity.