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What Are Quakers?

Quakers are otherwise known as 'Friends' and are a religious group of people that believe in equality, simplicity, inner light within everything and pacifism.

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South Edinburgh Meeting

Meets at The Open Door in Morningside on Sundays at 10.30 for one hour. Here are just a few of the things done by the children.

Quakers and witches

Mattisse for Peace

When did you last see your father?

Northern Young Friends Summer Gathering

NYFSG 2001

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NYFSG 2000

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South Edinburgh meeting's NoGGLES

What is NoGGLES?

NoGGLES stands for Northern Gathering Group Living in Edinburgh and Surroundings. NoGGLES are a group of young Quakers from South Edinburgh, who go on trips after meeting every now and then.

Noggles on Blackford hill, 2000

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Noggles go sledging, March 2001

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Acme and Heck

Magazines produced by children in Aberdeen and Edinburgh meetings. Historical copies still available at outrageous cost.


Quakerish links

Quakers - Society of Friends A useful short background summary from a Californian (we think) site

British Quakers - The official site of the Religious Society of Friends in Britain.

The Religious Society of Friends - a comprehensive site from the USA. Quakerism here has some differences from that in the UK, and more than one strand, but there is a lot of relevant information here.

Quakers in Scotland - where to find a meeting and useful links


Contact us

If you have any coments or anything to add to this website please email josiahburnthimself@hotmail.com or speak to a Cameron Turner person at South Edinburgh meeting.

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